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Beef Pho Milton Keynes

New Opening Hours.
Wednesday and Thursday: 11am to 8pm.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 11am to 9.30pm.
(Closed Monday and Tuesday).
28 Church Street,
Wolverton, MK12 5JN.

01908 973 698

Welcome to MK Viet Kitchen! We are committed to bringing the vibrant and exquisite flavours of Vietnam to the residents of Milton Keynes. With a deep appreciation of  Vietnam's culinary heritage, our goal is to provide an authentic and unforgettable dining experience.

Our journey began with a simple vision: to share the delicious taste of Vietnamese food with our community. Our team of talented cooks, all trained in traditional Vietnamese cuisine, meticulously prepare each dish with love and care.

At MK Viet Kitchen, we believe in using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to ensure the exceptional taste of our dishes. From fragrant herbs and aromatic spices to succulent meats and crisp vegetables, every element is thoughtfully sourced to capture the true essence of Vietnamese food.

Our menu features a diverse range of Vietnamese specialties, including beloved classics like Phở, Bánh mì, and Bún chả, as well as lesser-known treasures that will surprise and delight your palate. Whether you crave a comforting bowl of noodle soup, or a refreshing rice paper roll, we have something to satisfy every appetite.

We understand that convenience is important, which is why we offer a reliable pickup service. Simply browse our menu, place your order, and swing by our location to collect your meal. Our friendly staff will ensure your food is ready for pickup at your convenience. Because of the limited space available in our restaurant there is only 5 tables which would seat 10 people in total. 

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our patrons. Whether you're a seasoned fan of Vietnamese cuisine or new to its flavours, our staff is always available to assist you in navigating our menu and recommending dishes tailored to your preferences.

Thank you for choosing MK Viet Kitchen. We are honoured to be part of your culinary journey, and we look forward to serving you the finest Vietnamese food in Milton Keynes.


Visit Us

Wednesday to Thursday:: 11am - 8pm

Friday to Sunday: 11am - 9.30pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday

28 Church Street, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5JN.

Tel: 01908 973 698

Pho Milton Keynes
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